Welcome to Hitchcock Racing Pigeons website, launched on the July 2018. At Hitchcock Racing Pigeons our goal is very simple, we want to breed and race the best possible type of pigeon passing this on through the generations maintaining the high standards we set ourselves. To achieve this everything about our program is geared towards this.


Before returning to racing in 2016 we completed a lot of research in to current racing results, bloodlines & ancestry for many of the current modern day middle - long distance racers.


Since 2017 we have introduced and built a world class stock family of pigeons to enable us to compete at all levels of racing.


To make available what we have today a lot of efford & money has been put in to acquiring some of the finest stock pigeons available, for the purpose of establishing a world class stock team which we can work with and continually breed from to ensure the correct type and body build is maintained throughout the family. Not everything we breed or sell from our lofts will win, or will breed a winner. However, we hope our successes as breeders is measured by the successes of our own top racing results and our customers who return year after year.


New Introductions

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