New wheels for Toby

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Help us raise funds for a TinyTrax motorised wheelchair.


Toby is the son of Andy and Hollie, close friends of ours. Toby is 5 and his story is inspirational. Since birth Toby has faced life-changing challenges including a double lung transplant, major heart surgery, end stage kidney failure, with nightly dialysis, polyneuropathy following extended time on life support and everything this all brings.


Last year was simply a miracle. Toby spent most of 2016 in Great Ormand Street Hospital and things were not looking great. Andy and Hollie were desperate to find more help for their superstar son, when a lifeline was given by a consultant in Germany.


With the help of GOSH and extensive medic al care, Andy and Hollie began their journey to Germany, with Toby and his little brother Ethan.  There were no guarantees but our friends were not giving up hope and Toby certainly had a lot more fight.


6 months in Germany was an emotional roller-coaster with each day presenting new challenges, however Toby was getting stronger. All Andy and Hollie wanted last Christmas was to bring Toby home – and they did!

The strength and positivity shown by Andy and Hollie is incredible – this has changed their lives forever, however this family is the very essence of love.


Both Andy and Hollie care for Toby at home – with 14 hours of dialysis a day. Andy has also returned to work and Ethan will soon be starting school. They’ve recently moved to a new home and have funded renovations to make sure Toby has the freedom and mobility he deserves.


Unfortunately Toby has had a second stroke and is back in GOSH. As always Toby is fighting, however the latest stroke has affected his right hand side stripping him of any mobility he previously had.


It’s time to make a difference – Toby’s life is ruled by things he has no control over. With your help a TinyTrax motorised wheelchair and more modifications to the house and garden will give Toby the freedom he deserves and craves. We want to make a difference for when he comes home!


Wherever Toby goes his smile lights up the room and he’s someone you’ll never forget – everybody knows his name. We’ve known Toby since he was a baby and we couldn’t think of a little boy more deserving than him and can’t wait to see him whizzing around and living life as a 5 year old boy should.

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